Bringing the new dimension to industrial illumination, to our market with the RZB Ralite pendant projector a design solution for heavy duty environments. This pendant projector is not to be mistaken for a mere potential carrier capable of development, but to be regarded as a highly developed provider of potential. Produced from top-grade materials, fitted with replaceable COB LEDs and equipped with high luminous efficiency t, it comes as no surprise that it is labelled as “state of the art”.

Photo: RZB, csm_Lichtprojekte

Cant beat the feeling of finishing a perfect project in your hometown with high efficient lighting. Preserving the night sky and saving energy with perfect planed and directed lighting. Intuition. Geolux 3i system in action.

Providing the right energy efficient solution with the difference was the key factor for our client to use our modern stylish energy efficient PLAIN 1 luminary in his project. Not just a "highlight" in the dark but also a unique feature at day time. Saving energy with style - the new PLAIN 1 luminary. "More to follow"

A new project finished with GEOLUX architectural lighting. Not just following the new trends in illumination but also providing modern architectural solutions. Geolux by Geonergetika PARK luminary series - not "just light.

In a fast growing and developing market fast reaction to customer demands is very important. To keep us up to date the GEOLUX team was invited to the Partner conference by RZB lighting. We are inspired by the new products and there is a lot to follow. It is great to be part of this story.