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PULS is a comprehensive urban smart lighting system designed for tomorrow’s smart cities and communities, formed through the collaboration of three Slovenian companies: GeoEnergetika, d.o.o., Impedanca d.o.o., and Garex d.o.o. PULS is a synthesis of two innovative and complementary components: the e-SMS smart lighting system and the Smart cities management platform. Joined in a single product, these two components allow for broad, localized, and detailed collection of data parameters and, consequently, systematic management of urban environments.

Besides helping communities grow smarter, PULS will also help partners establish themselves in international markets as leading providers of smart solutions. After careful analysis, we decided to focus our marketing efforts on Ireland, due to the presence of numerous smart cities initiatives, the country’s strong development potential, and other favorable factors.


e-SMS was developed by GeoEnergetika d.o.o. and Impedanca d.o.o. (with the co-financing of the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union under the European Regional development fund (ERDF)). It represents a global breakthrough in the area of smart lighting. With its real-time collection of – and reaction to – a wide range of environmental parameters at micro-locations, it fundamentally transcends the capabilities of existing solutions, which limit themselves mainly to illumination regulation. In addition, its esthetically refined shape, high level of integration, and compatibility with existing infrastructure allows for uncomplicated placement in urban areas. e-SMS is therefore an IT-supported, energy efficient, and elegantly designed lighting solution that truly illuminates in all senses of the word: it gives light and creates insights about the environment it is placed in.

The open Smart cities management platform, developed by Garex d.o.o., augments e-SMS by seamlessly integrating it into existing smart ecosystems, while offering the capacity for intelligent regulation and control that are underpinned by machine learning and advanced analytics. In addition to its back-end component which allows for efficient integration of devices and systems from different manufacturers, development is also focused on designing a user-friendly front-end system that will help foster informed decisions through transparent and timely presentation of urban dynamics.


PULS is a live project, so be sure to visit this page for regular updates. You are also very welcome to take a look at the project's LinkedIn profile.

In the meantime, if you would like to find out more about the capacities of PULS and how it can help your community, contact us through the form below or write to us directly at: info@geoenergetika.si or info@geolux.si.

The efforts of the consortium partners to enter the Irish market is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European union under the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).
Project co-financing logos
Project co-financing logos

Intelligent city lighting that can help transform cities and communities into tomorrow’s smart urban centres has to be both smart and durable, perceptive and accommodating in order to integrate seamlessly into your existing infrastructure.

PULS was developed with just this complementing duality of functional durability and analytical capabilities in mind. The luminaire’s mounting bracket is available in two of the most common sizes to fit comfortably on existing infrastructure.

Together with its compact shape, integrated sensor modules and analytical capabilities, PULS is the infrastructure system that can help you upgrade your community’s public lighting to a new level while making it smarter along the way!

Grow smarter, manage better – with PULS.

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How can individual luminaires, which make up PULS, our Perceptive Urban Lighting System, connect and reliably communicate with each other? The use of wireless communicational technologies that operate in the frequency bands below the GigaHertz range (sub-GHz technology) helps the system perform as intended: a reliable smart lighting solution for tomorrow’s smart cities and communities.

Why is the choice of the sub-GHz protocol important? Because in contrast with other more well-known protocols such as WiFi and Bluetooth, which operate on frequencies of 2.4 GHz and above, the sub-GHz frequencies allow for the longer range in densely packed urban environments (up to several kilometres), greater energy efficiency, and lower interference.

Grow smarter, manage better – with PULS.

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What does data capture with PULS, Perceptive Urban Smart Lighting System, look like?

This time we present an open platform for smart city management, which enables intelligent, automatic control of various urban infrastructure devices based on machine learning, processing large amounts of data and the use of advanced analytics.

We are currently capturing data on smart e-SMS lighting systems at various locations across Slovenia. Smart devices, in our case lights, equipped with various sensors, through which we monitor a wide range of environmental parameters - temperature, solid particles and CO2 concentrations and pedestrian movements, are monitored in real-time via the portal.

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Flexible and efficient lighting management is crucial to meet the specific needs of individual city areas. PULS offers adaptive adjustments of illumination levels through the possibility of dynamic and autonomous configurations of the in-built DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) regulation system with the help of machine learning provided by the smart city management platform.

Different dimming protocols have their own characteristics – and DALI is the perfect tool for illuminating complex, large-scale installations. It is flexible, easy to program, and offers full digital control of lighting levels. The application of bi-directional protocol enables greater control flexibility, while the possibility of creating separate control groups makes management of a large number of luminaires a breeze.

Grow smarter, manage better – with PULS.

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Current weather changes at this time of year provide a hidden traffic hazard – black ice. A thin transparent layer of ice on the road is almost impossible to be noted by the driver. Especially in rush hour in early mornings and late afternoons, there is less visibility due to darkness outside.

PULS system can perform an algorithmic combination of temperature and humidity in the air, so it is possible to evaluate black ice hazards in this consequent relation.

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Modern public lighting not only optimizes the energy efficiency of the city in the age of digitalization but with its network distribution in urban areas represents an optimal data network that collects data from the environment, interprets, learns and then acts according to previously obtained data.

Smart public street lighting with built-in sensors to monitor the environment provides city authorities with valuable insight into the dynamics of micro-locations; its real added value is the Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity, intelligent analytics and statistics, and automated self-learning algorithms. However, if the data obtained with the sensors of public lights are connected to other smart urban systems in an open, self-learning platform, the communities and spaces of smart cities can also be effectively managed.

PULS - a smart city lighting system can be the next step towards efficient management of your city.

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